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  How Do I Join MTLB?

Membership is obtained through special invitation and is extended only to those attorneys who exemplify superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence, stature, and profile as civil plaintiff or criminal defense trial lawyers. For this reason, the MTLB website does not allow 'online enrollment'. Feel free to Contact Us or speak directly with an existing MTLB board member for further information about our organization.

When are your meetings held?

MTLB meets regularly at a monthly dinner. Meetings typically last 3-4 hours and include guest speakers, as well as information and news of interest to the MTLB membership. Visit our Events listing page for upcoming meeting dates, as well as other events of interest to MTLB members.

How do I update my membership information?

MTLB members may update their online membership information (including contact information, website link, email, password and other details) directly through the MTLB website. Just Log In to your account and choose the 'Edit My Info' link from the menu.

How can I search / upload documents in the MTLB Documents Database?

MTLB members enjoy exclusive access to an online Documents Databse. This database consists of documents shared by fellow MTLB Members and is accessible through the Member Menu. Just Log In to your account and choose the 'Documents Database' link from the menu.

How can I contact fellow MTLB Members?

The MTLB website provides a complete member listing within the online Membership Directory. This directory includes contact information for each member, including website, telephone and email address. Additionally, MTLB Members may use the site's internal Messaging System which allows members to communicate directly with one another through the MTLB site, more securely than typical email.

Why? Traditional email is sent via 'packets' over the internet and is thus vulnerable. The MTLB Message System does NOT make use of external email, but instead keeps all messages internally within secure, password-protected member databases within the website.





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